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Active Directory Health Check
Monitor performance & user experience for virtually any application.
DameWare Remote Support
Remote Support Software for an Unlimited Number of End-Users.
Exchange Server Monitor
Take the guess work out of Exchange Server Performance
Network Topology Mapper
Mapping made easy.
14 day trial.

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ProgramFiles currently lists Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, and Pocket PC software.

To submit a new product listing, you must be the official publisher, author or copyright holder of the software. You must indicate that you have read, understood and agree to our Terms and Conditions, submission requirements, and Privacy Policy. Submissions with broken links or programs referencing sexual material, key-loggers, spyware type components, screen savers, bulk emailers, e-mail address extractors or online gaming/gambling programs will be automatically deleted. We reserve the right to decline product submissions that do not meet our requirements.

ProgramFiles is PAD Enabled. In order to submit products to this site you must have a PAD file.

If you have already submitted your PAD file once there is no need to submit it again. Our overnight "PAD Scraper" will fetch it from your system. If you do resubmit too often, your first submission will be deleted and your products will be banned from the website.

Add your PAD file to ONLY one category, do NOT resubmit to multiple categories. Hint: the category listings match the top level hierarchy categories on ProgramFiles home page.

Important Register/Affiliate Information:

If you are selling your product using any of: RegNow, RegSoft, share-it!, eSellerate, SWREG, eMetrix, BMT Micro, DigiBuy, DigitalCandle, Kagi, NorthStar Solutions,, Osolis, Reg.Net, V-Share, or Yaskifo! then note:

  1. Submissions with affiliate information are more likely to be accepted and will be placed higher in search results.
  2. Affiliate information can be added when generating your PAD file. Look for a tab allowing you to enter affiliate information in your PAD Generator. See here for more info.
  3. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SUBMISSIONS! Submissions with incorrect or missing affiliate information will be automatically deleted.

To get your FREE PAD tools, download PADGen from the Association of Shareware Professionals' site. Once your PAD file is created, submit the URL to your PAD file to us via this page.
RegNow ItemID: * Not required if included in PAD file
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 is your free downloads resources. Freeware, shareware, computer games and other free software downloads.